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Reachout Centre Trust is a non-profit organization founded in 24th Jan, 2003. The main mandate is to provide  harm reduction services, preventive and treatment services to those affected by or vulnerable to Alcohol, Drug Abuse (ADA) and HIV and AIDS in the Coastal area of Kenya. The main driving factor for its establishment was the growing empirical evidence of increased use and abuse of ADA particularly in the coastal areas of Kenya. The organization is committed to serving drug users and the community.

The organization provides Harm Reduction services to people who use drugs through outreach, outpatient drug detoxification, ongoing drug addictions counseling, HIV counseling and testing, and advocacy for the rights of people who use drugs among other services.

Our success rate is commendable. Hundreds of our patients have successfully completed drug rehabilitation programs offered by the Centre. A number have gone on to live stable, ethical, productive, drug-free lives. 8,268 drug users have been linked to health services and 200 drug users have accessed fair trial through our intervention.

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Taib Abdulrahman

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