Who is the Problem?


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Once an addict always an addict; it’s never going to change.” How many people believe this out there? It could be the addict, or the one affected by addiction in one way or the other, or someone who has never had firsthand experience in addiction (personally or through observation); but in ways more than one, many people do believe in this myth. Not because there is any logical explanation supporting this statement but because it has been repeated over and over again that it has left an imprint in our minds to an extent of becoming an actualization of the self-fulfilling prophesy of the myth. Some even believe that addicts have to hit rock bottom in order for any change to be contemplated upon.

But why is the society so focused on stigmatization that it tends to isolate addicts, making them feel that they do not belong with the rest? Why is it that as a society, we view an addict as the cause of the problem and not as someone manifesting symptoms of the problem? We are always so quick to judge because the predicament has not hit close to home and when it does, we are very silent, not uttering a single sound when we should be creating or raising awareness.

And why is drug addiction the only type of addiction you have in mind right now? I have not specified any category and yet some already assumed it is drug related. I don’t blame you; believe me, I wouldn’t even dare. It’s based on the fact that we cannot ignore the effects nurture has on us; the society wires us into thinking in certain perspectives that it makes it very challenging to openly think outside the tiny box. But don’t worry; Reachout Centre Trust’s got you.

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