Wallid Yusuf ( Harm reduction Hero)

20 days of celebrating Harm reduction Heroes as we look forward to celebrate “Mashujaa Day” on 20th of October.

We remember the efforts and courage taken by our recovering drug users who for the last 15 years of Reachout Centre Trust have been the backbone of or activities holding on their recovery journey.

Wallid Yusuf is one of or truly heroes who despite indulging into drug use almost in his entire life, at one point he decided to take a strong positive decision in walking out of drug addiction which to date has enabled his humanity.

Aged 59 years he has suffered drug addiction in his entire youthful life. In four decades, Wallid was completely immersed in drug use and had given up on living. However all was not lost he could not believe that our intervention as anti-drug organisation would at last set him free.

For the last five years, Wallid has been completely out of drug addiction and has vowed to closely work with RCT in a bid to reduce the effects of drug use among locals and especially the youth.
Wallid is our truly dedicated, selfless hero.

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