The Painful Burden of Addiction.


Only my parents can explain the painful burden of my addiction. I graduated into alcoholism, smoked bhang and lastly I found myself into deep heroin addiction.
I was introduced to drugs use by partner who became my husband and together we had three children. He later died, one of my close friend also died and I was chased away from home for shop lifting to quell my thirst. That explains to you how I went through a difficult and harsh life for any person leave alone a lady like me.

In all the over 13 years of deep addiction, I suffered discrimination, psychological torture, physically and totally drained spiritually, I did not need anything apart from drugs.
Though I was assisted in my recovery elsewhere, immediately I was through with my rehabilitation program I headed to Reachout Centre Trust for more assistance in counseling and guidance programs.
Today I have my three children with me, my parents are at a peace of mind and I always urge parents to closely monitor their children and detect the early signs of drug addiction in them.

I thank God and Reachout Centre Trust, specifically the Executive director Mr. Taib Abdulrahman for helping me through the difficult times, encouraging me and finally employing me as a Peer educator in the same anti-drug organization.
It is unbelievable but I made it! Thank you so much Reachout Centre Trust and all the partners and stakeholders who support the harm reduction program.

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