Sustainable Livelihood for recovering Drug users

The poultry farm was established early this year. The farm is one among the three phase project of the sustainable livelihood program sponsored by the UNODC- United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime. It’s located at the Half Way house which is a two month reintegration program for the recovery drug users. The first phase of the program was the charcoal briquette project. It involved;

  • Construction and installation of sanitary facilities
  • Installation of a water tank and piped water from the well at the premises

The first phase of the project was successfully completed as the water tanks and piped water from the well are all now fully functional. The project played a big role in;

  • Creating opportunities for some recovering drug users to earn some income in their involvement with the construction process of the facilities.
Bakari Ali attending to the chicks

Bakari Ali attending to the chicks

The second phase involved the food program. 60 Beneficiaries received a lunch meal from the DIC as from Monday to Fridays. The project achieved a number of impacts;

  • More beneficiaries turned up at the DIC on a daily basis.
  • Improving of the health status among the beneficiaries as a result of the provided nutrition support.
  • Adherence to HIV and TB medication and treatment among the clients.
  • More beneficiaries received drug addiction counseling as they were engaged one on one and group counseling.

The third phase of the project was the construction of the poultry farm. The farm was established early this year at the halfway house. It started with the construction process which created room for more recovery drug users to be involved in the process. The facility has a capacity of keeping 1000 broilers at a go under the care of an approximated 10 staff:5 in each poultry house . The chicken are sold according to their weight, at a price range of 300-450ksh.It is one of the most successful projects of the organization due to the observed positive impacts to both the organization and the recovery drug users. Through the project, we have been able to archive a number of positive outcomes as a an organization;

  • As an organization working towards harm reduction within the drug users population, we have been able to encourage HIV adheherance and proper nutrition through the Poultry farm among our recovering drug users.
  • The establishment of the poultry farm has ensured social sustainability among recovering drug users and those living with HIV.
  • The organziation has also created job opportunites among the recovering drug users as a result of their involvement in the construction process of the poulrty farm.
  • Through the active involvement of the recovery drug users in with the poultry farm activities, there has been a great support of the benefficieries by their families and the entire community as they are seen to be involved in more productive activities.
  • More beneficiaries have been making progressive to their families since the establishment of the farm. This is evident to the recovery drug users working within the premises through the income earned.