Harm Reduction

Reachout centre trust provides harm reduction services to key population (people who use drugs) with the aim of reducing harm associated with drug use such as HIV transmissions through hotspot based outreaches where comprehensive package of services is provided. World Over, key populations face challenges in accessing healthcare services through the public health system due to challenges associated with stigma, discrimination and inadequate capacity within the facility to handle their unique needs.  Through harm reduction programme Reachout Centre Trust has managed to provide HIV prevention interventions, HIV testing, referral and linkage to care among people who use/ inject drugs at their drug dens within Mombasa County. The peer led model has added immense value to the programme where a team of peer educators and outreach workers with thorough knowledge of the drug hotspots are deployed to provide comprehensive HIV services. Our health service providers have received specialized training to handle people who use drugs during the service outreaches at the hotspots.   The programme reaches out to people who use drugs in Mombasa County and parts of Kwale Counties.

Some of the services provided during outreaches include;

  • Provision of clean needle and syringes through the(NSP) program
  • HIV testing services.
  • Education and information HIV, STI, TB, and Viral Hepatitis
  • Condom provision for KPs and their sexual partners
  • Provision of targeted information, education and communication materials for KPs and their sexual partners.
  • Education  and information on safer injecting practices
  • Overdose prevention and management services
  • Clinical services including treatment of abscess and other minor illness.
  • Social services i.e.  Hygiene package which includes bathing soap, toothpaste, tooth brush, washing soap and sanitary towels for People who use drugs.
  • Sexual reproductive health services
  • Nutritional support
  • Referral for HIV treatment services and Antiretroviral therapy
  • Referral for STI, TB and Viral hepatitis screening, diagnosis and treatment
  • Prevention and treatment of Sexually transmitted infections
  • Referral for PrEP
  • Referral for Medically assisted therapy
  • Referral to Drop in Centre (Outpatient drug treatment and residential drug treatment)