Advocacy Program

Our advocacy program seeks to promote universal access to healthcare services for people who inject drugs within Mombasa County and the country at large. We are inspired by the world view that drug use is a public health issue and does not take away the right to health among people who use drugs as enshrined in human rights principles.

The program is working towards creating an enabling environment for harm reduction interventions in the county and the country at large by creating awareness among private and government institutions such the

  • Probation department.
  • Prisons department.
  • Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • Judiciary.
  • The Community.

These are key actors in our quest to replace the prevailing condemnatory world view held against people who inject drugs within our community to enable reduction of the harm associated with drug use.

Reachout Centre invests immense efforts in advocating and lobbying for effective health rights policies in favour of people who inject drugs at the county and national level.

The program intends to lobby for the repulsion of punitive policies that deny people who use drugs access to public health services or violates their rights as human beings.

Some of the most notable fruits of our advocacy work include;

  • Promotion of the right to health among people who inject drugs within Mombasa, Kwale, Taita Taveta counties and the country at large.  
  • Fair trial processes for the people who use drugs.
  • Dignity, privacy, equality and equity for people who use drugs.
  • Address stigma and discrimination among people who use drugs.
  • Promotion of non-custodial sentences, rehabilitation treatment and psychosocial support as the best options in handling with people affected with drug use.
  • Sensitization of the media fraternity on positive reporting on issues affecting the rights of people who use drugs.


Our Strategies

  • Regular sensitization of law enforcement agents, judiciary as well as the communities.
  • Sensitizations and dialogue with the judiciary, law enforcement agents, police and prison wardens
  • Engagement with the media in promoting harm reduction and human rights for people who inject drugs
  • Follow up on pending court cases for people who use drugs
  • Community education forums targeting people who inject drug and the public
  • Creating networks and partnership with both state and non-state agencies.