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The Drop-In- Centre is a part of the Tuonane Project and located in the old town of Mombasa.A safe place for addicts to obtain services including Counseling, aftercare and relapse prevention services by specially trained addictions treatment counselors, VCT services through a static VCT testing room, Outreach through mobile

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Millati Islami (MI) 12-step programs

Static VCT testing room, hygiene services including bathing, hair cut/shaving and clothing, Outreach through mobile VCT services, and community groups on drug abuse and HIV/AIDS, Referrals to in-patient drug treatment.

Our centers are located in Likoni on a 1.8 acres plot off the Shelly Beach road, the center offers an ideal environment for reintegration of recovering drug users with the facility consisting of a residential house with a full capacity to host 12 people, a savant quarter serving as a center office, a conference room used for group sessions and meetings.

There is a small factory structure for charcoal briquette production featuring storage rooms for biomass and finished products, operations office and two machine plants which include a crusher and an extruder (briquetting machine).

The factory was established as a sustainable livelihood project meant to create opportunities for income generating activities to the recovering drug users.

The rehabilitation centre is situated in Likoni about 30 m off the Kona mpya junction across the Likoni channel from Mombasa Island to south coast, taking the left in-route just opposite the turnoff to Mtongwe.

The facility on a 1 acre property has a full bed capacity for 30, a gym/workout room, kitchen, TV and DVD, classroom, and a space for small sided ball games.

Reachout Rehabilitation Centre is offering a residential setting for the treatment and care of drug and substance users for duration of 4 months.Its specific purpose is to offer rehabilitation services to the affected drug addicts and create awareness to the community on understanding of addiction and the dangers of drugs abuse.

Program activities include:

  • Psycho-educational sessions
    Individual counseling
    Group counseling
    Family therapy
    Life skills training
    Narcotics Anonymous (NA)/ Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) and Milati Islami (MI) 12 step programs
    Sports and indoor games

It is a Fixed-site Model Situated in the South Coast at Diani location in Ukunda, the center covers Kwale County offering friendly services to people who use drugs. Comprehensive services offered at at the center includes counseling, Outreach through mobile VCT services, referrals to in-patient drug treatment, community education and awareness on drugs and substance use, prevention and care through community forums and outreach.

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