Judicial Engagement Dialogue Forum.


Through the support of our Development partners Open Society Foundation of Eastern Africa, in partnership with United Nation Office of Drugs and crime & PEMA Kenya in sensitizing the Judiciary among them High court judges from both Mombasa and Shanzu law court, Prison wardens, Kenya police, County legal department, Department of Criminal investigation and Human rights organizations on effective service delivery to Key population.

The two day forum meant to engage Stakeholders in the Justice System and Court users in their role in service delivery with focus on specific Policies, guidelines and interventions on Key population, how to consolidate them in their duties with emphasis on improvement of the speed and quality of service delivery so that KP’s can experience a qualitative difference in the services offered by our Courts.

The forum aimed to Increase knowledge to participants on their roles in addressing violence and mitigating key populations issues through penal code as well as protection of human rights of key affected populations.

Dr.Fayzal Suleiman took participants through; overview of Harm Reduction, Demand reduction and Supply reduction as interventions to combat the drug use in Kenya, he further explained the impact of Harm reduction which is spearheaded by Reachout centre trust and likeminded CSO’s in Mombasa compared to Supply reduction which has cost the Government a lot of money but still suppliers are walking freely and more young people are using drugs.

The participants were taken through Overview of Policies and guidelines meant to enhance effective service delivery in dispensation of justice by Deputy Registrar Mombasa Law court Ivy Wasike, the probation department on the other hands as well ensures that clients with Drug use related cases get the psycho-social support they entail to get through their staffs or linkage with like-minded Civil society organization, this wouldn’t be possible without full support of County Director of Probation Mombasa, Mr.Nick Makuu.

Shanzu law court with the lead of Magistrate Diana Mwachache ensures suspects with minor offences with drug related background are linked to probation department or CSO’s to get psycho social support, Mwachache goes further to examine the clients to ensure they are drug users and does follow up with them.

The forum as well saw the attendants taken through Overview of Key population, Gender and sexual minorities marginalized due to their nature in terms of sexual practices and gender identification, the group faces a lot of challenges in terms of accessing healthcare services in public hospitals, stigmatization and discrimination as well from general public.