In patient drug treatment hero!

Justus Mochumbe our clinical supervisor is truly a hero.
Mochumbe joined Reachout Centre Trust as an Addiction counselor in 2016

He has directly benefitted from the organization from training on drug treatment and he is grateful to the organization for such an opportunity enabling him to practice professional knowledge.

While working at RCT Kona ya Mtongwe based rehabilitation centre, with the help of his colleagues Mochumbe has helped many rehabilitate persons struggling with addiction and provided counseling services to their families too.
The road has never been smooth for our hero as he has faced multiple challenges from co-occurring disorders to uncooperative parents and relatives.

These huddles never deterred him from pursuing his dream of adding more recoveries in his successful graph.
Our visionary Shujaa has great visions for organization as he aims at spearheading research on the causes of relapse.

He also wishes to see an expansion of Kona ya Mtongwe drug treatment Centre to accommodate more clients and be modified to introduce services among them medical lab services that comprises drug tests. We cannot fully repay your efforts but we fully acknowledge and celebrate you are our hero.
You are truly our Shujaa!

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