Support Don't Punish


I am Waleed Yusuf popularly known as Adebayor, I started using drugs at the age of 14 when I was in class seven. I can openly say that my life has been in drugs and drugs have been everything for me, little did I know that I was digging my own grave. I have traveled all over the world as a seaman, doing all the nasty things while in the ship and at the dock. Drugs were everything I valued all of my youthful life. When I returned to Mombasa after my life in the sea I did not relent neither, alcoholism and drug took full control of my life.I later decided to take a fresh turn in my life after the burden was too heavy for me and my family too. I lost my father because of addiction, the suffering was too heavy for him and to date my mother is bedridden suffering from high blood pressure and all sorts of depression because of how my life was.However, Six years ago my life took a u turn where Reachout Centre Trust lend me a hand that today am still holding on to, I went to Reachout Rehabilitation Centre at ‘Corner ya Mtongwe’ Likoni where I seriously took my four month drug dependency treatment program, the Organization’s Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman supported me out of drug menace and to date words cannot fully express enough of what is at the bottom of my heart for Reachout Center Trust.For Seven years I have been living a drug free life, employed by Reachout Centre Trust, spending most of my free time in the mosque and working towards helping other drug users out of the menace. I fully support harm reduction efforts, I value, cherish and thank the Institution for bringing me back to healthy life and specifically the Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman for his dedication towards a drug free society.Thank you so much Reachout Centre Trust for the gift of recovery.#reachoutcares#motivationalweekend#harmreductionsaveslife#supportdontpunish

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