Harm Reduction Hero

He is our dedicated and ever busy youngest right defender mostly engaging himself in disentangling his peers who are immersed in drug addiction.

Abdallah joined Reachout Centre Trust 5 years ago. He successful played the roles of a Peer educator enhancing the campaign against drugs among the youth and the community at large, he moved to be the organisations outreach worker a duty he has performed in a selfless manner.

Hassan is the currently Community paralegal officers for the Organization. He is mandated to oversee the successful journey of recovery process among people who use drugs, bridging the gap between security departments and people who use drugs in a bid to enhance justice in their recovery journey.

He is a dedicated youth who has vowed to change the lives of his peers through Reachout Centre Trust and ensure that he leaves a positive mark among the community and especially the youth.

Hassan Omar Abdallah is our truly hero, we will always cherish!

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