#Enriching Women in Prison.

“Women are made invisible, with the excuse that there are fewer of them – only 4% of the prison population. So, their needs are ignored.”

In prison setting, you have to beg, beg, beg for help or medication. Especially if you are a drug user addict. They don’t want to help or care.’’

Reachout Centre Trust provides comprehensive Healthcare services to inmates like HIV testing and counseling, treatment of minor ailments, Cancer screening and offer health talks.

Psychosocial Support sessions are also offered individually and in groups.

There is now more knowledge and awareness that gender differences in substance use and related problems require different treatment approaches when it comes to women in prison. Reachout Centre trust has always been on the frontline in making sure there is provision and implementation of treatment for women who are affected by this drug menace.

This is made possible through;

  1. Making sure there are adequate health care services –The constitution of Kenya on Human Rights is clear that access to the highest attainable standard of health care is a human right. This applies equally to those in prison.

2. Services (both in the community and in prison) must be humane, accessible and non-stigmatizing-The common factor when women described improvements to services, or the positive aspects of harm reduction services in and outside prison was humanity, compassion and personal connections. Women commonly referred to their experiences of harm reduction services outside prisons that are holistic and do not medicalise their experiences.


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