We provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to those seeking information regarding Reachout Centre Trust’s processes, and other activities. These Answers are provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as official interpretation or guidance.


How can i access drug rehabilitation services?

Clients who seek drug rehabilitation will undergo assessment at our drop in centre at Old Town Mombasa, thereafter our psychosocial counsellors will provide treatment options which include, outpatient services, in patient services or Medically Assisted Therapy for heroin users.

Do you charge beneficiaries for services offered?

Our services are free of charge. However the inpatient drug treatment charges a certain to cater for accomodation and general upkeep during the four months period of treatment.

Who are your target groups?

Reachout targets the key population (people who inject drugs and female sex workers), youth and the general population who are affected by drug use and HIV.

Where can I access your services?

Reachout has 3 drop in centres and 2 treatment centres within the coast region. In Mombasa, our main DIC is based at Old town which serves as the main point of operation. There are two other DICs at Kombani in Matuga sub county in Kwale and Voi sub county in Taita Taveta. We have two treatment centres, a rehabilitation and reintegration centre in Likoni sub county in Mombasa county.

What geographical area does Reachout cover?

Reachout cover three counties, Mombasa, Kwale and Taita Taveta counties.


Does providing needles and syringe encourage more injecting drug use?

Provision of needles and syringes does not encourage drug use, but promotes safe injecting practices where clients do not share needles and syringes thereby reducing spread of infections such as HIV and hepatitis C.

How does Reachout balance between crime and drug use?

Reachout recognizes the mandate of law enforcement agencies in exercising the rule of law in addressing cases involving people who use drugs, however Reachout supports people who use drugs involved in petty offences by ensuring they access fair trial, alternative sentences and referral for rehabilitation services.

How does Reachout partner with the community affected by drug use?

Reachout works with key stakeholders at the community through the community advisory board and families of affected clients through dialogue and awareness sessions so that they can understand the dynamics of drug use and support us more.

How does Reachout partner with the County and national government?

Reachout works closely with various entities within the county and national government in terms of programming in order to ensure that Reachout contributes to the national priorities in addressing the drug menace in the country. Some of these partners include, MOH, ministry of youth, gender and sports, Fisheries, agriculture e.t.c.

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