County inspectorate sensitization on People who use drugs.




Through the support of our Development Partners Open Society Foundation of Eastern Africa, we sensitized Mombasa county inspectorate on People who use drugs at Pride Inn Hotel Shanzu.

The inspectorates were taken through the methadone dispensation clinic at frère town dispensed in partnership with the county government of Mombasa, UNODC, Reachout centre trust and MEWA where more than 500 recovering drug users get methadone since its inception.

They as well get to know the stages of dispensing methadone to recovering drug users till they are wind off from the program which may varies from the clients.

The county inspectorates were taken on how we can effectively work together to ensure PWUD attain quality healthcare and combat stigma and discrimination which causes most of them to miss quality healthcare and what we can do to create enabling legal environment for PWUD to leave with no fear of police harassments because possession of drugs is criminalized, this effectively criminalizes people who use drugs themselves.

People who use drugs are therefore inherently vulnerable to police interference and harassment, being publicly searched, being subjected to “mob justice” by the public, being arrested and being imprisoned.