Beauty Conner Project

A new dawn for female drug users as Reachout Centre Trust launches ‘Beauty corner’ where the drug users will learn beauty therapy techniques.
The Kenya Red Cross Society and Reachout Centre Trust funded project will equip female drug users with various beauty therapy techniques so that they also initiate their own income generating projects and become self reliance after successful rehabilitation program.
Reachout Centre Trust Programs manager Faiza Hamid termed the project as a unique and which will enable female drug users acquire skills on beauty therapy, pedicure, manure among other beauty services that will lead them to initiate their own income generating projects.
She said that such initiative gives female drug users a sense of humanity which brings them closer to counselors so that they are assisted out of drug addiction, however such skills will be accompanied by continuous counseling programs so that the female drug user completely assisted out of the drug menace.
The beauty corner will serve female drug users within Mombasa County who will meet beauty experts from Rizfar beauty College.

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