A harm reduction activist heroine

It has been a true 14 year struggle for Faizzah Hamid who has been an icon at Reachout Centre Trust since 2005.
She has been striving to help out women who were entangled into drug addiction and has pioneered in launching of various programs geared towards disentangling women for drug addiction and true to her efforts the programs have proved to be very instrumental in helping out women immersed in drug addiction.
Among the programs that she worked on include Female day care, Beauty corner where women get beauty and therapy training and the current women empowerment program that target women recovering drugs users to invest on their own livelihood programs.
This and many other outreach programs she has tirelessly work on have yielded positive results as well creating positive image of the organization to the public.
She joined the organization as an outreach worker, the she became a field officer, rising to a position of a counselor, monitoring and evaluation manager and she is the current ICT programs manager.
With such dedicated and selfless Heroine, the anti- drug organization is slated for great growing times ahead.
Faizah Hamid, you are our true heroine!

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