Anti-drug Activist Hero

Words cannot describe enough the efforts he has put to change the lives of people who use drugs and disentangling them from the menace.

Taib Abdulrahman is the current Reachout Centre Trust Executive Director and for the last 15 years, his life has revolved around people who use drugs.

He has risen to be an international icon and most of who passed through his open hands can affirm that indeed Mr. Taib is bold-hearted, selfless community servant who always think of service to the community and not personal interest.
He has matters revolving the youth at his heart that’s the reason why he always assist those immersed in drug use helping them out and ensure they are economic stable.

The RCT Executive director has elevated the anti-drug organisation into a big non-governmental organization with various programs geared towards implemented progressive drug policies and reducing the effects of HIV and AIDS.

Mr. Taib has received various national recognition from NACADA, the Kenya Red Cross Society among many others for his exemplary efforts in fighting drug addiction within the Coast region and encouraging the community to take the lead role in taming drug use among the youthful generation.

Mr. Taib you a true Community unsung Shujaa!

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